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this is the funniest shit i've ever seen

damn this is sad AND true

This game is certainly interesting. While it was obviously inspired by the Genesis Sonic games (and seemingly Sonic Mania), it manages to have its own personality and gameplay. For a while there I missed having a spindash, but it changed when I learned the new moves this game introduces. Some moments were out of place, however, but I had a blast playing in the first level of the game that goes after the tutorial. It was a brilliant open-ended level, albeit it dragged on and on after a while. The music is above average and I enjoyed my time listening to it. I have a few suggestions however.
- Increase the invincibility frames for a second or less.
- Separate certain sections into different acts.
- Lower the amount of dialogue. Show don't tell.
Either way, it's certainly a nice game and I wish you all the luck working on it!

Eh, not bad I gotta say. The biggest letdown for me was the fact that this game heavily relies on trial and fail kind of gameplay, which I'm not a fan of.

Spikes are total bullshit though, I'm glad that I can fill that shit with loads of rainbow-colored cum.

Eh, mediocre enough. The controls suck and the whole game gets kinda repetitive over time.

Love it. Can't believe I actually managed to beat it.

Kevin responds:

Good work! I still haven't beat it.

This game is.. not bad. Not really bad.
Bosses and enemies are kinda random, we get no explanation who those dudes are.
And why does Sonic's ring system not work? Like, falling down keeps you alive somehow, but getting hit by an enemy instantly kills you.
Collision is broken, the game over screen is annoying, it has many flaws that are pretty standard for an old Flash game.

Shooting mechanics aren't predictable too. I tried to beat the second act of first zone without a gun, but couldn't make it because of these annoying enemies. Can you imagine how I burst out laughing after I discovered that you can shoot 'em all? That was an interesting plot twist for me.

All the porn wasn't necessary too, but I guess it was only for comedic purposes.

I don't know what was I expecting, while I appreciate your hard work, this is not a game.

And I officially love it now.

Has some problems, although it's pretty good as for 2002 flash game, let's leave it at that.

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